Curling Canada has informed us that the Travelers Curling Club Championship will fall under the rules of the Curling Canada Sweeping Moratorium. To make a level playing field, the PIC Committee has decided that the Moratorium will be in place for all teams at this event (for both the International Division and the BC Division).

What does this mean?

  1. Only World Curling Federation (WCF) approved brush heads will be allowed for use. Approved equipment will be assigned a WCF Product Code. You can find the list of approved brush heads HERE
  2. Obligation will be on the individual players to use a compliant brush head for play at these events. Players will be responsible for ensuring any sweeping brush brought to the field of play is compliant with this Moratorium.
  3. Hair brooms and corn brooms are banned for use as sweeping devices. However, they will be allowed for use as sliding brooms. The use of other delivery devices, such as a sliding crutch or delivery stick are also permitted.
  4. Any player using a sweeping device in this competition that is not approved by the WCF will be suspended from the game in question, and for the remainder of the competition. The game in question will be forfeited. The team will not be allowed to replace a player so suspended and will be required to play with three players for the remainder of the competition. A second infraction by the same team will result in the team being suspended for the remainder of the competition. Additional sanctions may be applied to players and the team as per the Curling Canada Moratorium.
  5. Each player must declare their approved sweeping device at the start of the game. Only that player can use that device for sweeping during the game (no swapping brooms). Penalty: If a player sweeps with another person’s sweeping device, the stone shall be removed from play.
  6. A player may not change their brush head during a game, unless the Chief Umpire grants special permission. Penalty: If a change is made without permission, the team will forfeit the game.
  7. If an alternate or substitute player comes into a game (after it has started), they must use the brush of the player they are replacing. Penalty: If a new sweeping device is brought into the game, the team with forfeit the game.
  8. The target broom must be the declared sweeping device of the skip and vice-skip. Using a separate or different broom as the target broom is not allowed.  Penalty: If the skip or vice-skip sweeps with a brush used for sliding, or any other non-declared broom, the stone shall be removed from play.
  9. The moratorium covers any pre-competition practice and the draw for tie-breaker (i.e., Last Stone Draw).
  10. The sweeping techniques from Curling Canada’s General Play Rule 11(8)(a)(b)(c) and Officiated Rule 12(8)(a)(b)(c) will continue to be enforced:
    1. Given that the intent of sweeping is to keep the path of a stone clean and to take a stone farther, there must be brush head movement in the sweeping motion (any direction is acceptable, i.e., east to west or straight up and back)
      1. The sweeping motion shall not leave any debris in front of a moving stone.
      2. The final sweeping motion shall finish outside the path of any stone.
  1. Players may request that an umpire can inspect a brush prior to or during a game.
  2. The Chief Umpire is authorized to make decisions regarding this Moratorium not specifically covered in this protocol.
  3. All decision of the Chief Umpire regarding this Moratorium are final.
  4. The Executive Committee of the Pacific International Cup reserves the right in its sole discretion to impose lesser penalties than are defined in the Sweeping Moratorium based on the circumstances of the reported violation.

You can find more information about the Curling Canada Moratorium here:
This event is under the honour system. As such, we are not going to be marking brooms and checking equipment unless asked to do so. We would much prefer that you, the players, follow the rules of the Moratorium and only ask us to intervene as a last resort. However, if you have questions, it is best to ask us first. And if you’re in doubt, DO NOT USE IT without asking first. The penalties for using non-compliant equipment are harsh, so in this case it is better to ask for permission than forgiveness.  
The Richmond Curling Club should have compliant brush heads available for purchase if you do not buy one prior to the event. Please contact the club directly for what is available (604-278-1722 or email:
If you have any question, please contact us for further information.


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